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AA for Global Trading and Commercial Agencies LTD. was established in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2018, under the name Al-Hijra Al-Mubaraka. We specialize in general trading, import, export and distribution of goods and commodities in Iraq and the Middle East. Our offerings include the representation of commercial agencies and the facilitation of international investments.

Our mission is to contribute to economic growth and social recovery in Iraq post conflict and elsewhere. We strive to build sustainable strategic partnerships, to adopt effective approaches that help businesses access new markets and customers receive quality products regardless of their geographic location. We translate our respect to human life and our planet by adopting corporate social responsibility principles.

AA established trusted relationships with companies in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, building upon the legacy of earlier AlJaberi-owned businesses of Al-Miran (Iraq, 1993), Exopharma (France, 1999), Europharma (Belgium, 2002), Tabuk International (Iraq, 2004) and Al-Anbar Private Hospital (Iraq, 2008). In 2020, AA founded the Alwatad Scientific Bureau to import, market and distribute drugs, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products, as well as medical equipment in Iraq.



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